Thank you for being here and taking an interest in my work! :)
I've always had a love for photography. I got my first film camera when I was 9. What kind? I have no idea but I remember vividly it was hot pink!
Fast forward to 14 years ago when I held my first baby girl in my arms. This re-ignited my interest in photography. I wanted to capture everything about her and the rest is history. I've been privileged to serve many families over the years and don't take for granted that this is a pretty awesome job. 
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I'm jen!


There are no expectations other than to show up and be exactly who you are.


I aim to capture real moments, not poses. 


the love you have for the people you treasure most should shine through in your photos.


I'd love to tell a piece of your story.

I've learned that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask, but also the level of honesty in your answers.
I still use my camera to create the images I love of my children but through a process that will enrich our lives along the way. This has been my most important work and the purpose I was needing in my personal photography. 
It is easy to get lost in this journey - lost in comparison, lost in your own mind, lost in your own doubts and fears. 
But when you're driven by purpose, you won't be distracted by comparison. 
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One of my favourite Jane Goodall quotes is... "What you do every day makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." 
For years, 14 years to be exact I have studied the art of creating beautiful images of my children + hundreds of other children and families
through my client work. In the last few years, I have taken on less client work to focus on documenting my own children and it is in this work, that I began to ask myself some really tough questions, like... what is my intent behind photographing my kids? How is my photography bringing value to our lives? How do my kids feel when I photograph them? How can I empower my kids through this process? What emotions surface when I pick up my camera? What are the things I hold most valuable and how can I implement these values into my photography?

your personal photography journey is more than just taking photos.

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